Online Bariatric Seminar

Medical weight loss procedures such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, LAP-BAND, Duodenal Switch, and the Orbera balloon are all used to treat chronic obesity. Here at The Wellborn Clinic, we believe that our patients need to have detailed information about their weight loss options. That’s why we offer a free online bariatric seminar.

Who Can Participate an Wellborn’s Online Bariatric Seminar?

Our online bariatric seminar is designed for patients who are unable to attend one of our in-person presentations here in Little Rock, AR. Each seminar takes about an hour to watch on your computer or tablet, and it includes the same information we present at our in-person seminars.

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(Medicaid Not Accepted)

I Know I’m Interested in Bariatric Surgery. Can I Go Ahead And Book a Consultation?

If you are interested in scheduling a medical weight loss consultation with Dr. J. Clay Wellborn, we ask that you view the entire online bariatric seminar first. This will help you understand the weight loss options offered at The Wellborn Clinic.

Do I Need to Watch the Entire Online Presentation?

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing event. It’s important to understand how procedures like the lap band, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy can impact your health, as well as the risks involved with each type of bariatric surgery. In order to achieve the best possible outcome from weight loss surgery, you and your medical team need to choose the procedure that’s best for you.

Watching the online bariatric seminar can help answer questions you might have about weight loss surgery here at The Wellborn Clinic, and prepare you for your meeting with Dr. Wellborn.

What Happens After Watching the Online Bariatric Seminar?

We require patients to complete a new patient information packet and insurance questionnaire after watching our online bariatric seminar. These forms automatically download to your computer at the end of the presentation.

Once you’ve completed your online bariatric seminar and filled out the required forms, you can go ahead and book a one-on-one consultation with our bariatric surgeon, Dr. J. Clay Wellborn, Jr.