Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is a priority for millions of Americans in Arkansas and beyond. For many, diet and regular exercise are enough, but for others, healthy eating and a fitness regimen still don’t seem to make a difference. For these individuals, weight loss surgery may be the best possible choice.

When you need assistance on your weight loss journey, The Wellborn Clinic is here to help. With surgical and medical weight loss options, we can provide general information, evaluate your unique situation, and assist you in choosing the right treatment for you.

New Patient Seminar

Attendance at a new patient seminar is the first step in considering medical or surgical weight loss. The Wellborn Clinic makes seminar attendance simple, offering both online and in-person seminars to educate prospective patients about our clinic and our treatment opportunities.

Next Steps/Primary Consultation

After you attend or complete one of our free seminars, you will need to do the following (in this order):

  1. Print off and complete a new patient packet.
  2. Print off and complete the insurance questionnaire (in the new patient packet).
  3. Call Nikki at 501-663-9600, ext 110 or email Nikki at both the new patient packet and insurance questionnaire. You could also fax both of these items to Nikki’s attention. The fax # is 505-663-0465.

Once Nikki receives the completed new patient packet and completed insurance questionnaire, she will get this process started. It is important for her to have these two items completely filled out to determine the best time for your primary consultation.

At your primary consultation, Dr. Wellborn will discuss your weight loss options and together you will decide the best option for you.

Considering Your Options

At The Wellborn Clinic, we offer several surgical and one medical weight loss procedure to help our patients find the right fit.

Surgical Weight Loss

We are pleased to offer four distinct weight loss surgeries: Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Adjustable Gastric Band, and Duodenal Switch.

  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: This is the oldest and most popular weight loss procedure. A gastric bypass divides the stomach and reroutes a portion of the small intestine in order to shrink appetite and limit food intake.
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy: In a sleeve gastrectomy, a large portion of the stomach is removed, leaving a small sleeve behind that is roughly the size and shape of a banana.
  • Adjustable Gastric Band: This procedure is also known as a LAP-BAND procedure. Adjustable gastric banding involves restricting the size of the stomach using a flexible belt injected with saline.
  • Duodenal Switch: This procedure utilizes both restrictive and malabsorptive components.

Medical Weight Loss

Despite the advantages, bariatric surgery isn’t right for everyone. If you do not want to consider surgery or do not meet the eligibility requirements, medical weight loss options may be a better fit. At The Wellborn Clinic, we are able to address weight loss concerns with the ORBERA gastric balloon.

The ORBERA gastric balloon is inserted through the mouth and inflated with saline once in the stomach. This creates an artificial feeling of fullness to help patients adhere to a restricted diet. ORBERA is left in place for approximately six months.

Moving Forward

After learning about your options, your doctor will suggest the best course of action for you. Upon choosing a path to weight loss, we will schedule you for a procedure, offer you counseling services, and provide you with a new diet and exercise plan.

If you are considering surgical or medical intervention as part of your weight loss journey, The Wellborn Clinic can provide the resources you deserve. Beginning with our educational weight loss seminars (both in-person and online), we have numerous tools to help you on your weight loss journey and we are available to help in every way possible. Contact Nikki at 501-663-9600, ext. 110 or email Nikki at to get started!