About Our Program

We are one of the leading Bariatric Surgery programs in Arkansas. Our philosophy is to provide the most comprehensive and personalized Bariatric surgical care available, because restoring your health and improving your quality of life is our mission as an office.

The success of Bariatric Surgery program depends not only on surgical technique, but also on comprehensive aftercare. This is where our continued services are most valuable. Our goal is not only to provide our patients with the safest, most effective surgical procedure, but also to provide the education, support and encouragement needed to achieve optimal weight loss.

All of our office employees have had Lap-band surgery and have lost more than 1000 combined pounds.

Why choose the Wellborn Clinic Bariatric Surgery Program?

  • Dr. Wellborn was the first physician in Arkansas chosen to do Lapband surgery in 2001
  • Dr. Wellborn has done over 2500 Lapbands
  • The Wellborn Clinic has an excellent multidisciplinary program
  • The #1 reason is our excellent staff!!

The Wellborn Clinic StaffFrom left: Back Row Lexie,. Jamie, Sue, Greg, Gae and Nikki. Seated: Leslie, Lee and Bonnie

Greg, Gae, Sue and are Registered nurses. Greg is a Certified Bariatric Nurses. All of the nurses have a lapband, and all of the employees except our youngest daughter Lexie have had a band.

The Wellborn Clinic bariatric surgery program proudly serves the Little Rock, Arkansas area. Learn more about our program by attending a free weight loss seminar today.