Am I a Candidate?

If you are considering a weight loss surgery, several requirements must be met before a surgeon will perform a Bariatric procedure. Weight loss surgery is geared for morbidly obese individuals, which occurs when obesity reaches the point of increasing the risk and probability of one or more obesity related health conditions or diseases, resulting in physical limitations or death.

To be elligible for the procedure, you must have a BMI of 40 (100 pounds over ideal body weight) or BMI of 35 (75 pounds to 80 pounds over ideal body weight) with significant co-morbidities) i.e. degenerative arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthiritis.


In addition to the above criteria, we require:

  1. Letter of medical necessity from Primary Care Physician
  2. All records of treatment regarding obesity from your physicians including:

    • Documentation of morbid obesity for at least 2 years
    • Documentation of medical supervised attempts at weight loss over the past 5 years (or longer)
    • Documentation of treatment of complications of obesity (referrals to cardiologist, sleep studies, endocrinologist, orthopedics, or new treatments for increased medications) by your primary care physician and recommendations made regarding weight loss made by specialists.
    • This should include diet pills, diabetic diets, low fat diets, and referrals to a dietician.
    • Documentation of your own attempts at weight loss including organized programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Medifast, etc. Use of "fad" diets such as Atkins, Grapefruit, etc. should also be documented.
  3. Insurance Verification (a sheet of questions is provided in our downloadable
  4. Laboratory Evaluation:

    • Minimum lab will include a CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic profile, thyroid functions (if not done with in the past 2 years) and a lipid profile.
    • In the case of Gastric Bypass serum iron, B12, Folate, fastin cortisol and Vitamin D levels are also required.
    • Additional tests and consultations may be ordered depending on clinical findings and insurance requirements including but not limited to:

      • Gallbladder ultrasound
      • EKG
      • Chest x-ray
      • Echocardiogram
      • EGD
      • Esophageal mannometry
      • H. Pylori
      • Sleep Study
      • Psychiatric Evaluation and referral to specialists for evaluation
        and treatment of cardiac or lung concerns identified preoperatively
  5. Patients must be able to follow up post-operatively for safety and optimal weight loss. Social, psychological, and educational issues which would make follow-up a problem would be grounds for disqualification as a candidate for Bariatric Surgery
  6. The patient must attend an informational seminar and a consultation with a
    history and physical examination by Dr. Wellborn prior to surgery.
  7. We also require that you:

    • Become involved with our Support Group (s) pre and post operatively.
    • Consult with a Personal Trainer regarding development of an exercise program.
    • Start a low calorie diet such as: Atkins, South Beach, 2-4 weeks pre-op to demonstrate your resolve and decrease the size of your liver which will make surgery easier.